Since 1973. year, when it was founded, our hospital has grown in Cardiovascular Center is known throughout the world, and today we are a leading institution in the field of cardiovascular medicine in Serbia. In recent years we have expanded capacity and introduced new methods of treatment. All this was done with the sole aim to help our patients in the way they deserve.

We do not just want to follow the concepts of evidence-based medicine, but also to take part in their creation. For this reason, our doctors are committed to the research.




We are currently involved in several national and multinational research projects. Also, as a teaching center participate in all educational and scientific activities of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade.

Institute "Dedinje" played an important role at the Third Congress of Cardiology Serbia. We presented the highest number of scientific articles, and our doctors have chaired many important sessions. Similarly, a study we conducted have been presented at major international congresses in the field of cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and anesthesia.

We believe it is extremely important to conduct continuing education, but also share their experiences with others. Therefore, we organized a "Symposium Batista" with renowned surgeon Dr. Randasom Batista, who is the "creator" of partial left ventrikulektomije, as well as with leading experts from around the world. We organized two international workshops, and to the workshop on reconstruction of the mitral valve with Dr. Alan Karpantijeom and workshop on surgical remodeling of the left ventricle with Dr. Vincent Dora.

Doctors Karpantije and Dor were given a very interesting lecture and assist the maintenance and continuation of long-term cooperation with the best experts in the field of cardiovascular medicine, such as doctors Kozgrov, Kula, Ross and many others.

In the years ahead we plan to continue our efforts and the efforts and we hope to be more successful. 

Number of open-heart surgeries per year: 2200

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