Main building of the Institute was built in 1898. At that time it was planned for the maternity ward.

Development of Serbian medicine and surgery, and thus a significant part of the Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, is inextricably linked to the name of Prof.. Vojislav Stojanovic.

Reorganization of the surgical clinic of the Faculty of Medicine in the period immediately after the Second World War, in 1946. he founded the clinic hiurška II Medical School, which continues the tradition IV Surgical Clinic for war surgery. Clinic, since the establishment, led by Prof. Vojislav Stojanovic.

Until 1985. year, the Second Surgical Clinic are equally developed cardiovascular, abdominal, endocrine, and immediate plastic surgery. In all these areas of work are outstanding professionals, who are local surgical practice introduced many novelties.

Cardiovascular surgical procedures are often introduced only a few years after their world premieres. The first cardiac surgery in the Second Surgical Clinic (perikardektomija) performed in 1946. year. John Gibbon in 1953. conducted the first correction of congenital heart defect (ASD) under conditions of extracorporeal circulation, and only 7 years after, the same intervention in the Second Surgical Clinic and professor did. Dr. V. Stojanovic.

Number of open-heart surgeries per year: 1500

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