Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases was established on 16 November 1977. The concept of strategy based on the World Health Organization. It grew out of the need to be in the region of Vojvodina effectively addressed cardiovascular disease being the most severe health problem.

It is located in Sremska Kamenica, Novi Sad suburb, located 5 km from the city center, surrounded by a beautiful park, which is due to their beauty under state protection. Position on the slopes of Fruska Up, with a characteristic wind rose, creating a very favorable microclimate that helps accelerate the recovery of patients in their care.


The Institute combines three functions, focuses on prevention of disease, as well as for the hospitals and the management of patients suffering from the whole territory of Vojvodina. Very often provide health care to patients from Serbia, the countries of the former Yugoslavia and abroad.

Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases of Vojvodina is in many ways a unique institution in our country, where the patient can be in one place to get all the necessary diagnosis and treatment of cardiac emergencies and cardiac disease, all modern cardiovascular procedures and early rehabilitation.

Their results and achievements in the sciences, the Institute ranks among the world's major institutions in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Number of open-heart surgeries per year: 1400

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