Head of Department -  dr sci. med. Zoran Radojičić

University Children's Hospital in Belgrade was founded in 1924. , and began his work of January 1925th year. Its first leader and manager was teaching pediatrics professor Dr. Franz Groer, one of the prominent Viennese associate professor of pediatric school Pirquet's. The departure of Professor. Dr. Groer's 1926th , at the head of Children's Clinic and the Department of Pediatrics at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade profesor Dr. Matthias Ambrožić, also a student of the Vienna Pediatric School. Arriving for the first man of the future institution of knowledge and major children's hospitals in the region, Professor Matthias Ambrozic practically took over the historic responsibility for the development of pediatrics in the U.S.. His idea was to combine curative, preventive and social pediatrics. The consequence of this realization, this time for a completely original idea was to provide comprehensive physical, mental and social development of children in Serbia.


First Department of Child Surgery is open 1924th in the General State Hospital. The founder of this department was Dr. Demetrios Jovicic, a French student, first trained pediatric surgeon in Serbia. Prof. Dr. Ambrožić very quickly realized that the development of pediatrics closely linked to the development of pediatric surgery. His merits began construction of a new Children's clinic with 180 beds for patients, of which 80 were intended for the Department of Child hirurgije.Izgradnja started 04.10.1936. The Royal Decree of King Peter II Karadjordjevic and the highest protection of Her Majesty the Queen Mary. Construction of the present building of the hospital in Tirsova no. 10 was completed in the 1940th to a design by architect Milan Zlokovic, then according to the highest European criteria for a children's hospital, and modeled on a Paris children's hospital. This item was presented the purest form of Serbian modernist movement, and was one of the most important rappers Belgrade modern architecture.

Number of open heart surgeries annually: 180

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