When you say the Military Medical Academy, what do you think?

That the technical institution with a long tradition which believes? VMA is the premier medical, educational and research institution with internationally recognized reputation. It's called a military hospital. "central type" where for ten minutes to form a council of medical experts for each type of intervention. Founded in 1844th The day is composed of Medicine, which educates future generations of military doctors and is known as a major center of research activities.



That is the largest military hospital in Serbia, South-East Europe and one of the largest in the world?

Yes, with its capacity of 1,200 beds, VMA complex covers 21 hectares, the building itself has about 180,000 square meters and is divided into more than 60 technical and technological units with approximately 6,000 rooms. VMA has 27 clinics and 17 institutes, specialist clinic, the National Poison Control Center, Emergency Center and the Center for solid organ transplantation in which the execution of more than 5,000 different diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. VMA is located within the Ministry of Defense and military organization, and thanks to the commitment of employees is recognized as an award-winning medical facility equipped to the highest standards. International cooperation is very extensively carried out through a number of activities which is one of the most important military medical staff participation in peacekeeping missions.

It's a place where the military treat the insured, the political establishment and the diplomatic corps?

Yes, also VMA has always been open to the public, a few years ago, fully integrated into the Republican health care system and cured 40 percent of civilian insured. Each year, the VMA hits more than 230,000 civilian insured of which over 20,000 are hospitalized. In addition, each Wednesday, Center for emergency duty VMA's emergency services to all citizens of Serbia. When we say the VMA, we believe that the best service we can provide to our patients.

Number of open heart surgeries annually: 250

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